About Us

NewTakeFilms is the latest project of Parity and Consensus, a nonprofit rehabilitation agency with more than thirty years success in special education and cognitive remediation. We support teachers struggling to create an atmosphere of respect, inquiry and dialogue where students can examine the history and root causes of current social and political questions. 

NewTakeFilms provides online resources and media to high school teachers and nonprofit agencies, who can access over 20 student-created PowerPoint Presentations. These draw specific links between globalization and close-to-home struggles of communities of color:  

  • the dismantling of social programs,
  • the destruction of unions,
  • the growing prison industrial complex,
  • 3rd World sweatshops, and
  • deteriorating living standards.

Students learn that what they buy matters, and why. They also learn which areas and countries are using different solutions for major social and economic problems.




“Now I can do things to help change things around and send a message to others to make them know what is going on.” – Yusra Sharif,  McClymonds student

“How come we never read any of this in the paper?” – Lakesha Long,  McClymonds student

“I used to think the media had nothing to do with me. Now I see everything different.”    –    Castlemont student

"BITTERSWEETS [student video] is extremely well organized and convincing.   Powerful images and text . . . the perfect balance of complexity and clarity.  High reviews from teachers. . . We’re absolutely thrilled to have such a wonderful resource to share with our growing network of educators and activists.       - - -  Global Exchange

“Energy! Excitement! Good selection of messages. Terrific package design.”
–  Anne Brodzky, Director Meridian Art Gallery