Attention: Frustrated High School Teachers! Did Your job just get 10X harder?

Are your students struggling to understand the latest crisis in values? Will they be limited to low-paying jobs or military service because of low test scores, limited vocabularies, and low expectations? Take heart! Join innovative teachers and administrators leadiang a true education revolution of Service Learning and Universal Design. 

Redefine Success + Motivate Your Bright, Undervalued Students!

Our step-by-step method can help you:

  • Inspire students to see themselves as capable change-agents valued by their communities!
  • Give your students the confidence and skills to make important choices!
  • Integrate problem solving and creative analysis into mandated curricula to create ongoing student success.
  • Join an online network of teachers with similar goals.

You’re not alone! Learn how teachers in four underfunded public high schools raised student morale and community involvement. The key strategies they used are revealed in this Free Offer!

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5 Ways to Inspire Successful Service-Learning and Guarantee Student Success. Use Film and Visual Media to Prompt Thoughtful Discussion and Showcase your students at their best.

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